Unlock the Secret: Top 10 Crazy Hidden WhatsApp Features!


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps used by billions of people around the world. While many users are familiar with the basic features of the app, there are some hidden features that are not widely known. In this article, we will explore the top 10 crazy hidden WhatsApp features that you may not be aware of.

1. Secret Chats

Did you know that WhatsApp allows you to hide your chats behind a secret code? This feature adds an extra layer of security to your conversations. By choosing a secret code, you can keep your locked chats away from prying eyes.

2. Locked Chats Folder

With the new WhatsApp update, you can now hide the Locked Chats folder from the list view. This means that only you can access your locked chats by inputting the secret code into the search bar.

3. Hidden Chats Archive

If you want to see your hidden chats, simply open the archive folder. You will find this folder at the top of your chat menu. By clicking the archive button, you can easily access your hidden chats on WhatsApp.

4. Multiple Device Check

If you suspect someone is reading your WhatsApp messages from another device, you can check the “WhatsApp Web” section in the app settings. Here, you can see a list of all the devices where your WhatsApp account is currently active.

5. Disable “Last Seen” Feature

Tired of people knowing when you were last active on WhatsApp? You can disable the “Last Seen” feature in the privacy settings. This way, no one will be able to see your activity status.

Unlock the Secret: Top 10 Crazy Hidden WhatsApp Features!

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6. Bookmark Important Messages

If you receive a message that you don’t want to forget about, you can bookmark it. Simply long-press the message and select the bookmark option. This will save the message in a dedicated folder for easy reference.

7. Custom Notifications

WhatsApp allows you to set custom notifications for individual contacts or groups. This means that you can choose a unique notification sound or vibration pattern for specific contacts, making it easier to distinguish important messages.

8. Text Formatting

Did you know that you can format your text in WhatsApp? You can make text bold by adding asterisks () before and after the desired word or phrase. For italics, use underscores (_) and for strikethrough, use tildes (~).

9. Starred Messages

If you want to save a message for later, you can star it. This will add the message to your “Starred Messages” folder for quick access. It’s a great way to keep important information or memorable conversations easily accessible.

10. Broadcast Messages

With the broadcast feature, you can send a message to multiple recipients at once without creating a group. This is useful for sending announcements or invitations to a large number of people while maintaining their privacy.

In conclusion, WhatsApp offers a range of hidden features that can enhance your messaging experience. From securing your chats with secret codes to customizing notifications and formatting text, these features can make your WhatsApp usage more convenient and enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Unlock The Secret: Top 10 Crazy Hidden Whatsapp Features!

Does Whatsapp Have A Secret Mode?

Yes, WhatsApp has a secret mode called “Locked Chats”. This feature allows you to hide selected chats behind a secret code for added privacy and security. You can access the hidden chats by entering the secret code into the search bar.

What Is The New Hidden Feature In Whatsapp?

WhatsApp’s new hidden feature allows you to lock your chats with a secret code for enhanced privacy. You can even hide the Locked Chats folder from the main chat list, revealing it only when you enter the secret code in the search bar.

Where Are Secret Messages On Whatsapp?

To find secret messages on WhatsApp, open the archive folder located at the top of your chat menu. Click the archive button to view your hidden chats. You can also hide your locked chats behind a secret code for extra security.

How Will I Know If Someone Is Reading My Whatsapp Messages From Another Device?

To check if someone is reading your WhatsApp messages from another device, go to “WhatsApp Web” in the settings. You’ll see a list of active devices.

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